Originally from the small town of Camilla, Georgia, multi-talented recording artist Soul Vybe Cutta, known best for the cleverly written stories effortlessly portrayed in his music is making an impact around the globe. After years of moving from state to state trying to find his musical sound while perfecting his craft as an artist, Cutta finally found early success becoming a member of the hip-hop collective, A.U.X Family, in 2012. Being surrounded by musical inspirations since a young age, music became a second language to Cutta, as he admired the work of musical greats such as: Earth, Wind, & Fire; RUN DMC; Michael Jackson; Dungeon Family; Goodie Mob; Outkast; Andre 3000; B.O.B; and Jay-Z.

      Besides his natural passion for music, multiple hardships such as homelessness close family deaths, substance abuse, and depression have also inspired Cutta to channel his pain through music and use writing as his positive outlet. Cutta’s military background has allowed him to travel the world and gain new experiences and different perspectives on life. Just seeing how exploring the world could inevitably broaden his knowledge on life and the music industry, Cutta continues to travel the world for new inspirations.

      Currently residing in Germany and working daily to fulfill his dream as a successful music artist, Cutta continues to break down new barriers as a rising artist and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. With five notable musical projects under his belt, and one on the way, it’s just a matter of time before Soul Vybe Cutta makes the symbolic impact on the world that he has always planned to make.

Notable Performances / Placements / Events
Delaware State University's Homecoming • Juelz Santana "Who Got Next" Mixtape
• Los Angeles Live Event for the BET AWARDS

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